VMS and Analytics from DIGIFORT and VCA

Facial Recognition from DIGIFORT and SAFR

Hot-spot Detection to recognise people with a fever

License Plate Recognition from DIGIFORT and Neurallabs

VMS and Analytics from DIGIFORT and VCA

Video Synopsis from DIGIFORT and BriefCam

VMS and Analytics from DIGIFORT and VCA

Monitoring and Videowall from DIGIFORT

The Security Buying Group is the UK's leading video management and analytics supplier for integrators. We are the UK agent for DIGIFORT and a DELL re-seller.

Our VMS, analytics, synopsis, LPR and facial recognition solutions are server based. With good IT infrastructure design, which we provide to our customers, a VMS can be a cost-effective, highly-capable solution for any site, large or small, with single or multiple locations and unlimited numbers of cameras.

Our standard analytics packages includes all of the following:

Presence, Enter, Exit, Appear, Disappear, Direction filter, Speed filter, Tailgating, Counting, Stopped object, Loitering, Abandoned object and Removed object.

We offer additional software modules for:

We also offer solutions for Edge recording and Edge analytics and we have i-LIDS approval.