IP CCTV for security Dublin City University - 353 cameras

IP CCTV for process control BMW Mini factory

IP CCTV and IT monitoring Site CCTV and IT system integrity

IP CCTV for security Waddesdon Manor - 203 cameras

IP CCTV for site management License plate recognition

IP CCTV for health and safety DHL National Frozen Distribution Centre for Tesco

Thermal CCTV solutions Thermal intruder detection

IP CCTV for retail management People counting

VMS CCTV and security VMS and analytics

The Security Buying Group supplies video management software (VMS), analytics solutions, CCTV cameras and IT equipment to security installers and integrators. We offer manufacturer-level expertise, system design and support. Our services include:

  • VMS and analytics system design and supply
  • ANPR, speeding and vehicle counting solutions
  • Facial recognition
  • ‘Hot spot’ and thermal video detection
  • Edge recording, analytics and ANPR
  • Pre-configuration and commissioning, including analytics

We help integrators design and specify IP and VMS-based CCTV systems of all sizes.